By C.J

Jason and Annie are super friendly and helpful! Jason replaced a windshield for my car at my office and did such a great job! A friend of mine referred me to Jason's shop and when he arrived, I instantly felt at easy and confident the job would be great. A few months later, I took another vehicle to their shop and again the customer service and work was awesome and professional and at a super reasonable price! I HIGHLY recommend this shop for window work!!  


By John.

Outstanding service and friendliness: We had a problem with our subaru leaking water into the floorboards when it rained. We were told that it was likely the windshield seal, so we called Jason at Action. Jason came out to our house and checked over the windshield and didn't find anything wrong. He and I together then worked for about an hour diagnosing the problem, which we eventually found was a misplaced grommet. We popped it back in and that fixed the problem.

When we tried to pay jason he wouldn't take any payment. He was there for over an hour and was extremely friendly and helpful. He's a real class act.
Highly recommended!

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